Special Appreciation to Veterans 11-11-2009

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Special Appreciation to Veterans 11-11-2009

Postby Tom Greenleaf » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:48 pm

Just a note to say thanks for all the sacrifices made from the people from this and several countries that allow my life to be free.

Free is not free as we know - it takes lives, wounds folks, disrupts families and know that I appreciate it,

Tom Greenleaf
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Re: Special Appreciation to Veterans 11-11-2009

Postby MBDiagMan » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:12 pm

I have been out of circulation for quite awhile due to family issues. My Dad was in a Veterans Nursing Home in the process of dying. On the day that Tom began this thread I took off from work to go there for the Veterans Day Ceremony. I pushed his wheel chair out to a seating area along with my Mom and my lovely Wife. There were many Veterans there being honored, most of them WWII Veterans as well as a number of active duty Military personnel.

The ceremony was most honoring and they had a pinning which included my Dad and myself. It was a Veterans day that I'll never forget because I think it was the last day that my Dad really knew what was going on around him and seemed to appreciate being honored. He was a World War II Navy veteran. A Motor Machinist on both an LCI and a DE. At the tail end of the war he was on the Secretary of the Navy's Staff in Washington DC and was there for both VE and VJ day.

My Dad passed away in January and I'm so greatful that we had that day. If the active duty personnel that I saw and visited with on that day are any indication, we have GREAT personnel in todays military. If only I could say the same for their top leadership.

I only wish that many more of our young people could understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by "The Greatest Generation," both civilian and military.

Thanks Tom, for saying Thanks!

Larry Bible
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