Mazda CX-7 2008 - two AC questions

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Mazda CX-7 2008 - two AC questions

Postby Cusser » Wed May 11, 2011 8:14 pm

My daughter recently bought a Mazda CX-7 with 66K miles. I know there was a TSB by Mazda where they would repair locked-up AC compressors on such vehicles if the compressor seized before 60K miles, Mazda bulletin #SSP81. Does anyone know exactly what the cause of the compressor failure was, like did it leak refrigerant and thus there was less movement of the oil? Hers is the original compressor. Mazda doesn't replace the compressors unless there's a failure under 60K miles. 60,001 and you're SOL.

Question 2. Can someone supply typical high and low pressures for this vehicle's AC at 80F and maybe 2000 rpm? Her cooling was a little substandard, and her high pressure was 150 psi, but low was about 20 psi, so low pressure switch kept switching off the compressor. So I added about 6 ounces of R134a, and she has replied that the cooling has improved markedly. My charts don't go up to such modern vehicles.
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