86 Dealer installed AC with newer motor

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86 Dealer installed AC with newer motor

Postby Wesman07 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:06 pm

Hey guys, I'm new here. I am also new to the world of A/C and Ill admit that I am out of my element. I come to this forum for expect advice.

I have an 86 f150 with dealer installed a/c. About six years ago I updated the old carbed I6 for a fuel injected I6. I believe the compressor was an HR980, but that went out with the old motor. Now I am trying to retro fit this system.

What I know:

1) The old motor was v belt, The new is serpentine
2) There are two soft lines coming out of the firewall with a single green wire. both lines have a hose clamp at the ends
3) The system has been open for about six years

What I need to know:

1) What do I need to do to clean out the old system?
2) What parts should I get?
3) Should I get another HR980? Or switch to a fs6?
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Re: 86 Dealer installed AC with newer motor

Postby Tom Greenleaf » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:29 pm

I'll lock this thread as other now alive already posted on this is just a duplicate to confuse any replies.

Do notice this forum is changing places soon but is alive for now.

Set up here was first posts must be approved as non spam before then show up so must have confuses you. Both approved. New site is another sign up this will all be just archived you could copy and paste over to new,

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