Fitting/Hose Compatibility Issue

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Fitting/Hose Compatibility Issue

Postby 69-er » Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:43 am

I am upgrading an old 1966 C10 factory AC system using new components where possible. I have a parallel flow condenser, and an Everco #58098 compressor to replace the A6. I will be converting to 134A.

My problem now is, what to do with the original evaporator? It looks usable and is leak-free but has the barb fittings. The condenser and compressor has fittings for beadlock hose fittings. How should I go about adapting the beadlock hoses to the evaporator?

A few years ago on my 83 Camaro I had the compressor manifold barb fittings cut off and beadlock hose ends welded on for use with beadlock hoses.

Is this an option?

I did find a new evaporator that appears to have fittings instead of barbs, but now it's starting to get a little expensive! As old as the original evaporator is, maybe I should just bite the bullet and get it.

Suggestions please?
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