202 Pt Cruiser A/C help

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202 Pt Cruiser A/C help

Postby whyme82 » Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:33 pm

I have a 2002 Pt Cruiser with the 2.4 non turbo. A/C stopped working. I have power to the relay and one ground at relay shows good. The other ground does nothing when you move the ac fan switch on the dash, not sure if that's an indication the ac fan speed selector is bad or what. My manifold gauges (yellow jacket) read about 130 PSI high & low. so the system is equalized. The compressor wont come on unless I jump across the relay terminals. The cooling fan does not come on when I do this like it is supposed to but not sure how exactly it is triggered since I am bypassing some of the electronics when I do this. Cooling fan does operate when engine reaches 212 or so on my scanner. I replaced the low pressure cut out on the accumulator as it seems to be an issue with these cars, no luck. I'm scratching my head. I don't do much a/c stuff besides my own vehicles every couple years when something goes bad and I have to replace it. I have recovery equipment(yellow jacket commercial) and a 6 cfm commercial vacuum pump and several sets of gauges, 134a dedicated,r-12 dedicated and another for commercial refrigerant.

What am I missing on this? I can't figure it out. Please help if you can. I will do further testing if someone lets me know what to do. I am 609 certified.
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