BMW E30 A/C Performance Issue

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BMW E30 A/C Performance Issue

Postby Z2TT » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:08 pm


Car is a 1989 BMW E30 325i with 2.5L Motor.

Test Conditions

Ambient Temp - 84F
Humidity - 30%
1500RPM, Recycle, Max Fan, All Doors and Windows Open

HI (Liquid Line) - 275 PSI
LO - 42 PSI
VENT - 53F

Is this car generally not a good designed system or can certain issues exist?
The Condenser is infront of the radiator closest to the bumper and has a Pusher fan.
The engine fan seems to be drawing air but not a huge amount, unsure of how much it should draw
but you can definately feel it blowing about 1.5 feet away if you put your hand above the shroud

Condenser is a old style Tube and Fin Condenser, yet I've seen these perform just fine in cars like Mercs.

Not much experience with these cars, perhaps somebody could pitch in?. It may just not be a very well setup car by design, or is there some common problems these cars face?

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