Custom Lines?

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Custom Lines?

Postby turbojimmy68 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:30 pm

In replacing the orifice valve on my limo, I had to hack out the tube because the valve was stuck and came apart upon trying to extract it.

I used an "orifice tube repair kit" to create a provision for the new orifice valve. It's basically a tube with a compression fitting that is intended to replace the factory arrangement. The problem is, I don't have a factory arrangement. The coach builder removed the factory orifice valve in order to install a tee at the condenser. They then modified the stock line that normally runs from the condenser to the evap core to include a provision for an orifice valve (this is the part I had to cut out). I was able to use the orifice valve repair kit, but I had to introduce another compression fitting. So there's 3 compression fittings on that line. They're not leaking currently, but I suspect it's a matter of time before they do.

I brought the line to a local shop that manufactures a/c systems for buses, ambulances and other commercial vehicles. He said he could not duplicate that line because the diameter is so small that it would just close up upon welding in the orifice tube provision. It's a hard aluminum line, and it's obvious that the coach builder was able to fabricate it. I'm looking for suggestions as to who might be able to duplicate this line....

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