Aftermarket condenser mounting

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Aftermarket condenser mounting

Postby stryped » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:09 pm

Thinking very seriously of installing a larger parallel flow condenser in my fox body mustang. The stock condenser sits on rubber pads on the bottom and has rubber pads on the top holding it on. Is it necessary or recommended to use rubber pads when mounting a condenser or does it matter? The afterparket economy parallel flow condensers have mounting tabs. I could easily put a screw through these tabs into the metal of the radiator support. But would this cause a vibration or other problem?

Also, one thing I noticed is the stock condenser is not flush with the radiator and has "gaps" on top and the sides which I heard was bad becasue not all the air being pulled by the fan is then going through the condenser. On top of that, the economy parallel flow condensers are thinner than the stock serpintine condenser. Is there material or a way to eliminate these "gaps"? Should The condenser be completely flush with the radiator? Will it hurt to "touch" the radiator?

I appreciate the help and sorry for all the questions. I think I have convinced myself to go the 134-a route and do some fabricating. )I am a tinkerer that way). I meased last night and think if the ruber mounting is not required could mount as large as an 18.5 inch my 31.5 inch condenser. I would think this would negate some of the performance problems in retrofitting to 134-a in a car such as mine.
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