1990 mustang help!!!

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1990 mustang help!!!

Postby stryped » Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:49 pm

I have a couple of questions. 1st, my car came from the factory with air. I need replacement hose blocks. I can not find them anywhere. They bolt to the top of the nipo compressor and the low pressure and high pressure hoses connect to them. I will contact additional junk yards tomorrow but if I cant locate these, is there another option? I know my car also used a different compressor for dealer installed air. If this is my only option, what would I need to make my current hoses which are new fit this style compressor?

One last question, I am converting to 134-A. I would like to use a parallel flow condenser for increased performance. I was looking at "economy" models. I could probably find one that would fit the physical space, however the high and low side on your condenser are different type fittings and one is on the bottom and the other on top. Do you sell the material I would need such as fittings and tubing to make an "adapter" for lack of a better word so that these would mate to my ford spring lock fittings? I can weld and have a mig welder but understand these fittings must be brazed. Is this very hard to do?

I really appreciate this. I would like this to perform well as it is very hot where I live. I would prefer to get this thing to perform even better than the factory r-12 that was in it. I appreciate any advice you could give me to achieve that.
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